Laparoscopic Surgeon in Bangalore

Practicing Precision – What Do Laparoscopic Surgeons Do and When Do We Need Them?

A patient with persistent abdominal pain consults a physician. The medical practitioner recommends an appointment with a Laparoscopic Surgeon as the condition required immediate assistance.  While returning home, the patient asked Google and AI search engines for the best available options for surgery in his city. The search engines also listed out resources on laparoscopy […]

Laser Haemorrhoidoplasty

Laser Haemorrhoidoplasty Laser has an upper edge in the treatment of haemorrhoids compared to conventional haemorrhoid surgery with regards to pain and faster healing. It is associated with lesser complications and better preserving the physiology of the anal canal and anal cushions.    Surgeons can remove the haemorrhoidal mass by using a CO2 laser or […]

Circumcision by Laser

Circumcision by Laser   Circumcision is a common surgical procedure to treat phimosis. Phimosis is a condition where the foreskin cannot be retracted back and the patient is unable to clean adequately. Phimosis leads to irritation / itching over the preputial skin (skin over the glans), urinary infections and discharge from the penile tip. Circumcision […]

Pilonidal Sinus Treated by EPSiT

Pilonidal Sinus Treated by EPSiT Pilonidal sinus at the natal cleft (area between the buttocks) is a very common condition in young people. It is often referred to as ‘Jeep’s bottom’ as it used to occur in soldiers in World War II as they ride in jeeps for long periods. Today it occurs in students, […]

lasers in proctology

Lasers in Proctology Laser is ‘Light Amplification through Stimulated Emission of Radiation’ which means high intensity electromagnetic energy of a specific wavelength is focused on a spot to achieve a desired result. There are many types of lasers such as CO2, Nd: YAG , Argon etc. But in proctology we use Diode lasers of 1470 […]

Skin Glue

Skin glue for wound closure, avoiding stitches We all hate ‘stitches’ ! Don’t we !!God forbid if an accident happens and one sustains a wound, what options do we have? Sutures/ staples/ dressings and now glue!! Fortunately for more than a decade we have been using skin glues to close wounds successfully. Skin glues are […]

How to Prevent a Hernia: Key Factors to Consider

How to Prevent a Hernia? That’s a tough question but one can take measures to prevent a hernia to a certain extent. Occurrence of hernias can be sporadic or genetic. Hernia occurring due to the following reasons can be prevented to a certain extent. Obesity: fat acts like a driver through muscle causing it to […]

If I am diagnosed with piles do I always need surgery?

Best Hemorrhoids Treatment in bangalore

Piles (or haemorrhoids) refers to swollen and inflamed blood vessel in the anorectal area. It usually presents as painless bleeding (blood in the pan) in the initial stages and later becomes painful with discomfort.  Piles may also present as itching and or swelling at the anal area.  It’s best to consult a general surgeon so […]

“But Doctor, the Internet says so!”

Many of my patients google their ailments before they consult me. Is that a good thing to do? Recently I heard one of friends say “Google is God !” Actually reflecting on this statement it does have some truth, you never get a “Don’t know” from a google search. However all answers may not be […]