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Circumcision by Laser

Circumcision by Laser


Circumcision is a common surgical procedure to treat phimosis. Phimosis is a condition where the foreskin cannot be retracted back and the patient is unable to clean adequately. Phimosis leads to irritation / itching over the preputial skin (skin over the glans), urinary infections and discharge from the penile tip. Circumcision removes the excess preucial skin and allows one to clean and maintain good personal hygiene.
This prevents infection ( such as fungal infections) spreading between partners.

Although male circumcision is practised by many religious faiths, it does have medical benefits. Male circumcision performed at childhood / adolescent age group is known to reduce the risk of invasive penile cancer later in life. It is also known to reduce the risk of cervical cancer in their female sex partners.

Today circumcision is done by several methods and laser circumcision has gained popularity as there is better haemostasis and better cosmesis compared to conventional surgery. It has also been found to reduce pain at the operated site post operatively.

Most circumcisions are done under local anaesthesia with sedation and are day care procedures( discharge the same day from the hospital).
Even babies who undergo the procedure are discharged the same day.

Circumcision does not alter sexual satisfaction , a commonly held belief. Circumcision is a safe procedure and there are better results with laser.