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How to Prevent a Hernia: Key Factors to Consider

How to Prevent a Hernia?

That’s a tough question but one can take measures to prevent a hernia to a certain extent.

Occurrence of hernias can be sporadic or genetic.

Hernia occurring due to the following reasons can be prevented to a certain extent.

Obesity: fat acts like a driver through muscle causing it to split and cause internal contents to protrude out through the abdominal wall. Losing weight helps prevent hernias. Measure your BMI and take action!!

Smoking: nicotine causing alteration in the ratio of type I and type III collagen causing weaking of the soft tissues and leading to a hernia. Quit Nicotine asap!!

Wrong exercises: this cause muscle to strain leading to hernia. Work with a trainer to get your regime right!

Improving your core is important. Work with a good trainer to achieve a better core.

Hernias can be genetic and may be considered a collagen vascular disorder. If hernia runs in the family there is higher risk of developing a hernia compared to the general population risk.