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lasers in proctology

Lasers in Proctology

Laser is ‘Light Amplification through Stimulated Emission of Radiation’ which means high intensity electromagnetic energy of a specific wavelength is focused on a spot to achieve a desired result.

There are many types of lasers such as CO2, Nd: YAG , Argon etc. But in proctology we use Diode lasers of 1470 mm wavelength commonly.

Laser works but eliciting photothermal effect on the target tissue. Photochemical, photo disruption and photo ablation are other mechanisms.
Since the laser operates at 65-80 degree Celsius, thermal damage is less than electro cautery. Lateral tissue damage is less in laser.

Different laser fibres are used in proctology such as
Conical fibre tip is used in haemorrhoids
Bare fibre where energy is sprayed is used in fissure and
Radial fibre is used in fistula and pilonidal sinus.

Laser should be used only by trained professionals and eye protection is important for the ot staff.

Laser is an excellent option in proctology procedures . Hence discuss with your surgeon as he will be able to educate you with regards to the best treatment options.