Laparoscopic Surgeon in Bangalore

Practicing Precision – What Do Laparoscopic Surgeons Do and When Do We Need Them?

A patient with persistent abdominal pain consults a physician. The medical practitioner recommends an appointment with a Laparoscopic Surgeon as the condition required immediate assistance. 

While returning home, the patient asked Google and AI search engines for the best available options for surgery in his city. The search engines also listed out resources on laparoscopy and laparoscopic surgery. The patient, severely sick, finalizes his choice of hospital.

The surgeon does a thorough evaluation of the condition and fixes the procedure for the next day. To calm the tensed young man and his wife, the doctor tells them this is going to be a minimally invasive surgery done through a keyhole. Which means, there won’t be major wounds in the body and recovery time is faster. The incisions or the cuts are under one centimeter and the procedure is recommended for any condition that affects the abdominal organs.

Be it a hernia or abdominal cancer, Laparoscopy is the preferred procedure; the surgeon tops up the patient’s knowledge. He readies as the wife waits outside the operating theatre . The laparoscope – a thin tube with diameter of about 10mm with a camera and light fixed at the end begins to help the surgeon visualize and operate on internal organs through the tiny incisions. In 30 minutes, the surgery was done and the patient was brought back to the room. The wound was healed faster with the skin glue. 

The patient now understands that a Laparoscopic Surgeon is an expert in operating Hernias, Appendicitis, Prostate, Ovarian and Gastrointestinal Issues. He is now able to comprehend the struggles of anyone who is experiencing prolonged discomfort in the abdominal cavity, bladder and connected parts. Moreover as someone who has experienced seamless recovery, he knows that surgery and healing are faster with advanced technologies. What needs to change is the myths and taboos in openly discussing conditions that require laparoscopic surgery. 

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