Laparoscopic Surgeon in Bangalore

Consultation portal 

1. Submitting images makes it possible to better assess your request. The images are viewed only  by me. They are never distributed. If you become a patient of my practice they will form part of  your medical record, if you do not they will be destroyed. We will not hold your images or  personal information if you decide not to become a patient of my practice.

2. You agree you are submitting your images and details through your own choice and at your  own risk. We manage them as described in 1. We take your privacy and dignity extremely  seriously. 

3.If you request Dr Rajeev Premnath to assess you, please understand: 

a. There is no cost or obligation to you in requesting an assessment, and no obligation upon Dr  Webster to provide one. He cannot provide assessments to all requests and may courteously  decline to provide you with one. 

b. His comments do not commence a doctor patient relationship, nor are they a consultation.  They are not and should not be taken as medical advice. The intention of the comments is to  provide you some initial guidance or personalised education only, with regard to your individual  situation. Until you have had a consultation with a surgeon, you have not received a full medical  assessment and proper medical advice. 

c. Long correspondence will not be entered into in this format. If you require to learn more than  the information provided by me, you will need to schedule a consultation where a full assessment  can be made, and detailed professional medical advice can be provided. 

d. Dr Rajeev Premnath will not comment upon other surgeon’s work in this format, nor provide  second opinions. If you want a second opinion, a full consultation is necessary to professionally  assess your concerns.