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I think I need an antibiotic now…

Infections such as common cold, body pain and fever are becoming frequent. Do we always need an antibiotic to get over it ?

This is the question that always runs in our mind and its very easy for one to pop an erthyromycin or a ciprofloxacin. However this has far reaching implications…

When antibiotics are used unnecessarily or an inappropriate course is used such as a single dose, it wipes off only the vulnerable bacteria and the more resistant bacteria survive leading to more severe infections. This inappropriate use of antibiotics cause resistant strains to develop causing hard to treat newer infections. Antibiotic resistant infections are becoming more prevalent.

Its important for a clinician to see you and decide if its a viral or a bacterial infections. Viral infections don’t need antibiotics, further all bacterial infections don’t need antibiotics. When a clinician decides that antibiotics are not required one must have patience to wait for the body’s defences to do their part.

Rational use of antibiotics by clinicians is as important. Don’t pressurize your doctor for an antibiotic ! Don’t take an antibiotic on your own. Follow an antibiotic prescription when given to you completely, without deviation as far as possible. If there is a side effect, inform your clinician. Let’s lose the bug!