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Daycare Surgery : What it is, and why it’s good for you

I know what you’re thinking:

“Isn’t daycare meant for my kids? How is it connected to surgery?”

Is Daycare Surgery  just a new fad, or is it truly patient friendly ? Let me help you understand it .

What is Daycare Surgery ?

Daycare Surgery means hospitalization for a few hours during which the surgery is carried out and discharge from the hospital is on the same day. In essence it means caring during the day (within 24 hours) similar to daycare for your child.

How does a surgeon send his patient home in 1 day? Does the patient have no pain ?

Day Care Surgery employs many modern surgical techniques (such as laparoscopy, which involves minimal cutting) and anesthetic technological developments to allow patients to be more comfortable, more mobile and heal rapidly after surgery.

Is Daycare Surgery popular ?

Day Care Surgery is an established practice in the West and Europe.  It is slowly gaining acceptance in India. I have personally seen hundreds of patients who are extremely happy with daycare surgery.

Can I undergo Daycare Surgery?

It depends on your ailment, the stage it is in, and your general state of health. The surgeon treating you will be the one to decide if your a candidate for DayCare surgery.

What procedures can be performed as Daycare Surgery?

Surgeries where Day Care techniques are employed commonly are

  • Hernia with the 3D mesh devices such as PHS and UHS with Fibrin glue.
  • Laparoscopic appendicectomy
  • Mini Laparoscopic appendicectomy
  • Laparoscopic cholecystectomy
  • Mini Laparoscopic appendicectomy
  • Piles Surgery (MIPH : Minimally Invasive Procedure for Haemorrhoids ( piles ))
  • Lateral Sphincterotomy surgery for Anal fissures
  • Fistulectomy for anal fistulas
  • Incision and drainage for perianal abscesses
  • Circumcision
  • Removal of benign breast lumps

Advantages of Daycare Surgery

Most patients with these surgeries are usually able to go home within a 24 hour period.

The main advantages of day care surgery are:

1. Early mobilization (walking around) because anaesthesia wears out faster than conventional drugs.

2. Less pain because of safer and longer acting drugs and minimally invasive surgical techniques.

3. Early return of patient to their home envirnoment – means easier domestic arrangements. Reduced risk of cross infection in hospitals. Earlier return to work means less loss of pay !